Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Adventures of the Amazing Bill O'Reilly

Yesterday, I published a story in Newsweek about Bill O'Reilly’s amazing ability to be in two places at the same time.  Today he replied,albeit indirectly, by having his publisher furnished  a truly wild tale, In it,  O'Reilly and a freelance cameraman barged into my hotel room to  shoe-horn themselves into my exclusive  interview with George  De Mohrenschildt in Palm Beach.. Supposedly, this barge-in happened on the morning of March 29, 1977  and the intruders somehow made a movie of George De Mohrenschildt on the sofa.  Even though  such a cinematic coup   would, if it existed, include the last pictures of George De Mohrenschildt alive, it was never shown.
     What can I say?  My reseacher Nancy Lanoue,does not recall such a barge-in by any reporters-- or anyone-- that day,.Nor do I.  More importantly, according to the tape of O'Reilly's  phone conversation later that afternoon with Gaeton Fonzi, the investigator for the House Assassination Committee, O'Reilly was not in Palm Beach,  On this tape, O'Reilly  hearing that De Mohrenschildt is dead, says to Fonzi (who is in Palm Beach), "we gotta get  hold of that guy Epstein.  He knows what happened." He also only now makes plans to  come to Palm Beach. That is also on the tape.  "I'm coming down there tomorrow," O’Reilly tells Fonzi. "I'm coming to Florida." He adds, … Now, OK, I'm gonna try to get a night flight out here, if I can.”  So did a phantom O'Reilly  travel back in time on the night flight to to pop into my intervene earlier that day? .
Listen to this tape here